Company Overview, Outsourcing Services, Market Entry Strategy, Go-to-Market Strategy Russia, CIS and CEE

Being the largest country in the world by landmass, with more than 143 million consumers, a growing middle class, enormous natural resource base, and virtually unlimited infrastructure needs, Russia remains one of the most attractive markets for foreign exporters. This is an extremely lucrative market that requires nonetheless a rather particular approach.

EZSolutionS offer a complete range of market entry, business development, marketing, PR, local compliance, translation, HR, accounting and legal services to help companies in the converging technology world establish and develop their presence in Russia and the Former Soviet Union countries. We provide a proven and speedy, cost effective and low risk option for foreign exporters to generate enough traction in the region to justify opening a local office or work towards establishing a joint venture at a later stage. Our seasoned professionals have a wealth of experience and knowledge in the industry and a successful track record of launching start-up operations and creating networks of sales channels throughout the region. Founded in 2006, the company is headquartered in Moscow, Russia.

Our mission

To provide guidance for foreign exporters and investors seeking to enter the lucrative yet complex Russian/CIS market while assisting existing players in building up their presence within the region.

Our approach

Working on behalf of your organization as the “Consultant” Country Sales Manager our experienced team can represent your company and develop the foundations for a successful market development program.

Our areas of expertise

EZSolutionS particular areas of expertise include telecommunications, IT, IS, digital TV and consumer electronics.

Our industry business connections

  • Service providers in Russia and the CIS
  • Wireless & fixed carriers
  • Utility carriers
  • Digital TV operators
  • Holding companies
  • Large enterprises
  • System integrators (VARs) & distributors targeting Telco, enterprise, SMB and retail market
  • Major retail chains
  • Equipment and software vendors targeting Telco & enterprise markets
  • Ministry of Communications approved companies
  • Homologation authorities
  • VIP travel agencies
  • Networking industry R&D institutions
  • Industry magazines