EOR, Accounting & Payroll Services

When initiating business operations in Russia, one of the challenges foreign companies often encounter is the need to hire local personnel before they open an office or register as a local legal entity. They search for a solution that provides them with the time and freedom to concentrate on growing their business in the region. EZSolutionS is here to assist.

We offer cost-effective, swift, and compliant Employer of Record (EOR), accounting & payroll services to address the urgent employment needs of our international clientele, including the calculation of local employer and employee taxes as well as social insurance contributions.

The main benefits of EZSolutionS' EOR services include:

  • Full compliance with local labor legislation
  • Fast onboarding of new employees
  • Accurate and confidential services
  • Elimination of the need to set up and maintain a local legal entity or rent an office
  • No necessity to hire an accountant or interact with tax authorities
  • Provision of back-office support services for your local employees