Why EZSolutionS

New foreign market entry is a complex and often risky endeavor which requires extensive local knowledge while acting outside traditional business boundaries. EZSolutionS' unique understanding of market dynamics in Russia and the CIS allows us to come up with results-oriented market expansion strategies that leverage local market insights, yet are completely aligned with your company global growth plans and perspective. Here are the key reasons to work with EZSolutionS:

  • Outsourced local operations to quickly get traction in the region without over-extending your existing EMEA resources
  • EZSolutionS’ activities are fully in line with and complementary to clients’ local market development strategy
  • Customer – channel partner ecosystem friendly approach
  • Successful hands-on experience in implementing consulting projects for foreign companies in Russia in various areas (telecom, IT, IS, digital TV, consumer electronics)
  • Realistic approach – we will only take on a project that will deliver a tangible return on your investment
  • Program expectations and performance indicators are set up front
  • Solid local market knowledge
  • Extensive contacts in the industry
  • International exposure with capability to bridge the gap between other countries' and Russia's business mentality
  • Tailored solutions
  • No need to recruit
  • Ease of cost justification
  • Independence and objectivity
  • Confidentiality